Tony Castaneda Films


A native of Reno/Tahoe and a self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Tony Castaneda is all about non-traditional, wild, and "cool AF" wedding videos.

Reno, Nevada
United States

[email protected]


Hello! I'm Tony. You're probably here because you just got engaged. Yay yay! I'm excited to get to know you and together, hopefully, make a wedding film that is real, rad, and raw.

A little about me... You know that little kid that was always recording everything? I'm not talking about snap chats or Instagram, I'm talking about that goofy kid in the 90's that always carried around a camcorder at every family function. Yeah, that was me. Ever since I can remember I have always loved to shoot video... it's always been a passion of mine. I lived in Spain and traveled around Europe for 6 months. Since then I have traveled to over 20 countries, taking in all the unique cultures and beautiful sites that this world has to offer and making videos about my travels.

My style of videography is high energy, visual storytelling. I love it when clients embrace the spontaneous and unexpected, allowing me to portray what makes their special and unique. In all my wedding films, I shoot for authenticity... inspired by you.

Click on the gallery images (left) to watch a selection of my films, as well as at Tony Castaneda Films and on vimeo.