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My goal is to give you a wedding experience that will inspire you for the rest of your life. I've chosen the niche of intimate weddings & elopements because I believe every couple deserves a kickass third wheel who will not only document their day as it happens, but also build an intentional relationship with them as people - not just clients. As a 2nd generation Tahoe native & someone who ditched tradition myself (I eloped on top of a mountain in 2017!), I strive to create a space that allows inspiration, empowerment, and adventure to intersect & come to life. It's my greatest desire to guide you through the process of making your dreams come to life. I'm super involved in the dreaming & planning stages, and offer full elopement planning as well.

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Born and raised in Truckee, CA, you could say I like to live life on the wild side. I'm notorious for getting a flat tire down a dirt road I probably shouldn't be driving by myself. 

When my husband and I eloped in 2017, I was faced with the reality that there were simply not enough people empowering eloping couples across the country; let alone in Tahoe. Elopements tend to be looked upon as "trendy", and I found in my search for my own vendors, very few people cared about the people behind the day. After our elopement, I took it upon myself to become the person to change this. Your elopement is personal to me. Photography is my way of getting an invite, but my job titles extend far beyond that. Professional third wheel, Tahoe adventure expert, dress bustler (I've lost count of how many I've done, seriously), tour guide...all to make your day the best that it can be. 

If you're curious what eloping looks like and needs someone to talk ya through it, check out my podcast at