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A love of people, exploring, and adventure infuse Holly Shankland's photography with sweet storytelling and an unmistakable Lake Tahoe vibe.

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Without a doubt, book her!

Chase & Kindyl
MARRIED: July 24, 2021
VENUE: The Olympic Valley Stables
People always tell you not to have your friend shoot your wedding, but with Holly, you truly do not have a choice. From the moment that you meet her, there is such an instant connection and she becomes more than just your photographer. Holly has...


Hello! I love people. I love exploring. I love moments of freedom, adventure, and love. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, the sunlight, the stars, the sky, the trees, the mountain peaks, and the ocean's waves. I like walking with my toes in the sand, camping, singing songs around a bonfire, random accents and jokes, smiling, laughing. I believe in capturing the authentic moments, true self-expression, true love, and compassion. 

I've been taking photos since I was 15 in my high school darkroom. I did a lot of experimental photography. I felt like a scientist and an artist...Exploring positive and negative space, double exposure, polaroid transfers, printing photos on wood, creating my own developing techniques with different chemicals.

I shoot most digitally now but take a lot of this creativity with me. The editing process is like creating a piece of art with every image. I love true emotion...tears, hugs, joy, freedom, liberation, love, compassion, admiration....slowing down to remember....that no moment is ordinary.

I am based out of Northern California with roots in Lake Tahoe and Mendocino CA. 

When I am off on a photoshoot I feel completely "In Flow." It excites me and makes me happy. I love learning about you and your story. I hope to not only be your photographer but to be your friend. I am blessed to be around for so many of life's intimate and special moments.