Today we would love to introduce our newest videographer, Reel Eyes Media! Darren Baca, the owner and chief cinematographer, has some great tips and advice for how to creatively document the memories of your special day!

Why would a couple have a videographer at their wedding? Aside from the marriage itself, your wedding video is the only thing that will last you a lifetime. Your wedding day goes by so fast and no matter what there be parts you will miss. A professional videographer will capture those details so the beauty of your day won't have to be preserved just in your head... you'll be able to relive it over and over again! After all of the money you spend, what will you have left? Your wedding video. 

What defines your style? Cinematic, Documentary or a mix of both?  We blend an elegant mix of documentary style to craft a cinematic wedding film that evoke everything from the glamour of Hollywood movies to the more edgy and modern mood of independent art films. Editing skill and professional equipment play a huge roll in accomplishing this style. With High Definition cameras, camera stabilizers, fluid head tripods, dolly systems, lighting, and much more, we're equipped to produce a grand, very artistic, cinematic story. All of this footage ends up inside professional editing software where virtually anything is possible to create.

What is your storytelling approach? After getting to know our couples, we will create a film that is reflective of their life and their story. We will tell this story by weaving all of their special moments together. The ceremony, speeches, bride prep, groom prep, dancing, and everything in between, is beautifully laced into one. Combine that with their personal song selection and what you end up with is a completely customized cinematic story of their day.

How do you coordinate with the photographer?  Coordinating with the photographer is very simple and smooth. Usually we will meet the day of the wedding, and it's not uncommon for us to bounce some ideas back and forth to create certain shots. As professionals we know it's common courtesy to stay out of each other's shots and we achieve this through simple eye contact when shooting.

How long does it take you to edit a wedding?  We don't like to keep our couples waiting but at the same time we don't want to sacrifice the quality of work we produce. We put a lot of time and professional expertise into each and every video. On average you're looking at a three-month turnaround time.

Do you just focus on weddings or delve into other genres?  Weddings are our main specialty but we do all sorts of other work. We'll create anything from promotional videos for your business, sporting videos for college scouts or personal use, we've even filmed memorials and celebrations of life. Anything you need captured on film with a modern feel, we can do it!

What inspired you to start this business in Tahoe?  Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I grew up in the mountains and still live here. Everything about the environment has shaped me as a person and I feel a devotion to such a place. Who wouldn't want to get married in Tahoe with its snow capped peaks and crystal clear lake? Take away the overwhelming beauty of the location and Tahoe still provides a nightlife that will satisfy anyone's taste. It's the best of both worlds and someday I hope to live there year round!

How many weddings do you film a season?  We try not to overwhelm ourselves with more that we can handle, as I said, we don't want to sacrifice the quality of work we produce. A full season for us is 20-25 weddings. *If you would like to learn more about Darren and Reel Eyes Media check out his website!