As I was walking home yesterday afternoon, I was hit by a burst of gleeful energy when I stumbled upon a pile of leaves on the sidewalk. Giddily stomping through them, I was reminded of the massive piles of leaves my brothers and I used to rake up in my backyard as a kid, a veritable rainbow of pumpkin oranges, golden yellows, and pale greens swirling sotly through the air as we hurled them at one another. Much older now, and obviously much more mature, I envision a gorgeous fall wedding that transforms these projectiles into beautiful centerpieces, creative cards, and romantic backdrops for a natural, rustic-themed wedding. First Row: Bakingarts via Flickr | Rebecca Thuss Second Row: Paper Antler via One Lovely Day Third Row: Jim Block Photo via Digital Photography Review | Angel Smith Photography via Once Wed Fourth Row: My Heart's Desire