In Love with Nichols Photographers

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February 19, 2019

Ian Cook/Tahoe Unveiled

What could be more romantic that having an adorable couple photograph your wedding together? Today's blog post profiles Tahoe Unveiled members Nichols Photographers, a husband and wife team serving Northern California and Texas. Named a "Top Photographer" by Martha Stewart Weddings, their work is regularly featured in the wedding industry's top publications and blogs, including Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Weddings Shoes, Brides, Weddings Unveiled and more.

Meeting in the Sierras:

CJ and Jennifer Nichols (Nichols Photographers) met while working at a summer camp for kids near Yosemite National Park in 2000. Both coming from photography backgrounds, they immediately bonded over their shared love of capturing the world around them. They even spent their first date taking long-exposure night photos high up on a mountain ridge. 

A few years after fatefully meeting at Camp Tawonga, they married in Yosemite National Park and started their business together in 2006. Photography is what brought them together and what eventually led them into the wedding industry, where they've made a name for themselves documenting weddings together for over 12 years. According to Jennifer, "We feel so fortunate to do what we love, working together, capturing the joyful celebration of marriage!"

Discovering a Love for Photography:

Jennifer first discovered her love of photography while working as the photographer and editor of her high school yearbook. She studied Fine Art Photography in college, happily spending hours in the darkroom, watching her images come to life. She graduated in 1999 with a BFA in Photography and continued with graduate work at San Francisco State University.

CJ's photography journey began in 6th grade when a family friend gifted him with a film camera. He quickly discovered how much enjoyment he got from taking photos with his own creative vision. He studied photography at Temple University in Philadelphia and the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

On Working Together:

CJ and Jennifer have been married close to 15 years and have been shooting weddings together for almost as long. They have a great dynamic for shooting weddings and work as a really efficient team. "Weddings are fast-paced events and there's a lot of pressure to capture these fleeting moments, so it's really comforting to be able to rely on each other and to be able to anticipate each other's next moves," says Jennifer. They have it down to an art; Jennifer usually spends time with the girls getting ready while CJ is with the guys, then they will come together once the festivities get started.

Family Time:

When they are not working, CJ and Jennifer are most often out adventuring with their daughters Maggie and Georgia. A favorite escape is heading up to their cabin near Pinecrest Lake, where they enjoy hiking, backpacking, swimming, and playing music. And now, all these years later, both daughters now also attend the same summer camp where the couple first met! 

Experience and Accolades

Named a "Top Photographer" by Martha Stewart Weddings, the Nichols have documented hundreds of weddings together over the past ten years. Their work has been regularly featured in the wedding industry's top publications and blogs, including Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Weddings Shoes, Brides, Weddings Unveiled, and more. To see galleries of their gorgeous work be sure and visit their website here or go to our Tahoe Unveiled vendor guide.