My Name is Johnny B. and for as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about shooting videos. Since my early childhood, I can recall “borrowing” my parent’s camcorder in order to fulfill my desire to capture anything and everything, no matter how random. One particular memory I have that highlights my interest, is the year that I went to Thailand and was blown away by the difference in culture. I could not resist filming the entire trip. I needed to document these exciting and new experiences, despite the difficulty of the VHS era. As soon as I arrived back home, I quickly set up shop and got to work. I remember sitting in front of the TV with 3 VCRs and a stereo for sound. I would sit there hours on end, cutting, editing, and again re-editing the footage I had captured. This was the first time I realized I was, in fact, a perfectionist. It seemed no matter how much time, or how much dedication I put toward the videos, something could always be improved. I quickly learned that despite the sacrifices of fun filled offers of hanging out with friends or spending time with the family, my work’s completion was the one thing that brought me a sense of fulfillment. I know my work is truly complete when I can watch what I created and re-experience the tastes, smells, touch, sounds and any other sensations that ignite the experiences that are dear to me. Falling in love with the emotional and sensual feelings that my work brings about, it seems only natural to me that I develop a deep fascination with the eternal commitment of love. Those split seconds, when time stops, and the next words spoken, are those that bind you and your loved one forever. I am speaking, of course, about the privilege of being a part of someone’s most emotional and anticipated day; the day we all dream about. I can truly say, that capturing the excitement and joyous day of someone’s wedding is what makes me love what I do. It puzzles and confuses me, as to why someone would pass up the opportunity to relive this moment over and over again. I can’t resist capturing that “first look” moment. The first touch, the first kiss, anticipation running high, not being allowed to actually see each other, but still connecting with your other half. This assures me that I love what I do. Apart from my commitment to my personal work, I am also inspired by life’s simple moments. I have had many opportunities to define just what it is I am looking for when shooting. One of the most significant opportunities I've had is the chance to work with Antonio Esteban and Inessa Shak. Antonio and Inessa are well known fashion stylists and make up artists making a living in Los Angeles. Working with such amazing talent from LA truly inspires a lot of the styling looks in my videos. I also find myself intrigued and interested in the most trivial aspects of life. I am so grateful to travel and learn from the vast differences and substantial cultures that this world has to offer. I feel it has really taken a part in defining the person I am today. When shooting, I always make it a priority to convey to my clients that I am here to document my personal interpretation of the event. I like to take an outsider’s point of view, so that I can recreate the event for anybody as if they were actually there. For me, it is the compiling of all the little components that really brings about the narrative I want to retell. Every little detail and aspect of telling the story, such as finding the perfect song that fits the occasion, or fitting the scenery to the footage taken, is what livens my work. Prior to taking cinematography to the level of professionalism, I had pursued firefighting. Fate decided for me quickly that firefighting would not be my career path. During a training session in the fire academy, I blew out my left knee. This may have been the end of one dream, but it was just the beginning of but another, cinematography. I hope that gave you a little look into what Johnnybfilms is. I can’t wait to meet you and plan a spectacular cinematic picture for you. Life is not still; memories shouldn’t be either. Jess + Chris from JOHNNYBFILMS on Vimeo. To find out more about JohnnybFilms, see his vendor page here: Twitter: Facebook: Website: