There are so many things you have to think about when planning out your wedding day beauty regimen. Most likely, you will choose to go with makeup that makes you look fresh and natural, but, we love the idea of using your nails as a place to add a little funk to your wedding day look. Below we highlight some pairing we are loving right now. Our favorite, probably, having to be pairing two shades of blue (for your something blue). But, what we really love about all the below pairings is that they can be flip-flopped for nail and toes, but our idea was the more neutral color goes on your nails with the more bold color on your toes. Finally, a little secret, you don't have to save these polish pairings for your wedding day, they will look great at any time. Any, some expert advice: when getting you wedding day manicure splurge for the gels because you don't wany something like a chipped nail bumming you out right before walking down the aisle. blue polish Meet the Parents // Mots Bleus Orange:Grey Polish Gray Matters // Le Orange Red:Nude Polish Born This Way // Come to Bed Red Red:Pink Polish Pink Valentine // NUIT 1947