Dog Wedding-4 If you've ever visited Lake Tahoe it will come as no surprise that people here love their dogs and consider them an important part of the family. So, if you have a man's-best-friend, you will probably want to include them in your  Tahoe wedding. Here are some ideas we love for incorporating your furry friend into your special day ... 1. Include them in you photos. 2. Incorporate them into your cake — be it as cake toppers or something more unique as seen below. 3. Use them to deliver the rings are you recite your vows. 4. Have them be the star of your save the date cards. 5. If they are really well behaved, have them stand up there with you as you recite your vows. Dog Wedding  Dog Wedding-8  Dog Wedding-3 Dog Wedding-5 Dog Wedding-9 Dog Wedding-7(top to bottom) Viral Nova, Green Wedding Shoes, the knot, the knot, Burnetts Boards, the knot, Etsy, dog vacay