These six custom bars are easily crafted on your own and therefore will work perfectly for any party where you're not looking to hire a bartender—this can be anything from a more formal engagement party to an outdoor barbecue to a bachelorette party brunch. Cheers!  


  Custo Drink Bars-6 This bar is proof that a little slicing prep can go a long way. All you have to do is put out glasses, slice some fruit, and chill the champagne and this mimosa bar will deliver.  


  Custo Drink Bars-1 Keep it simple with this bourbon bar. We especially love the classic glass choice and old bourbon barrels used here to hold up the bar.  


  Custo Drink Bars-2 For the non-drinkers (we are thinking baby shower) may we suggest this adorable ice tea bar that is perfect for any backyard picnic celebration in the heat of the summer.  


  Custo Drink Bars-5 Can we please have this bar in our house all the time? The chic simple canisters used to hold the booze and garnish for this martini bar would have James Bond himself a little jealous.  


  Custo Drink Bars-4 Bloody Marys have been increasing in popularity for the past few years and we love this specific bar because it lets guest craft their drink just how they like it. We especially love that both vodka and tequila are being offered.  


  Custo Drink Bars-7 Is this a fruit salad bar or a sangria bar? With just a little preparation beforehand your sangria bar will turn the heads of all your party guests. Just make sure not to add too much sugar to the Spanish drink, you don't want to give your guests too big of a hangover.