For some brides a veil may feel too old-fashioned, forced or maybe doesn't fit with your personality (or your dress). If you decide a veil is not right for you, there are many other alternatives that are not only stylish, but can allow you to express your personality.  For the free-spirited bride, a headpiece may suit your style better. A headpiece is basically jewelry for your head, and who doesn't want the chance to wear more jewels?  From crystals to Gatsby inspired headbands, headpieces are a diverse and creative alternative to a veil that really can let your personality shine. If you are worried about a headpiece taking attention away from your dress, or looking for a simpler look, try a jeweled pin or clip in part of your hair. Flower crowns are probably the most common veil alternative these days and for good reason. If you feel like a veil is too formal for the look you are going for, a flower crown can make your look a little more causal or a little more boho. We are also loving flower pieces incorporated into your hair or woven into braids if you want something different from a traditional flower crown. There are so many beautiful alternatives to veils out there these days it is hard to narrow it down, but the most important thing is to make sure you choose something you love and something you feel comfortable in. Here are a few of our favorite veil alternatives.