Emergency Kit-1 On your wedding day, even the smallest of problems can send you into an absolute panic. So, no matter how calm, cool and collective you think you are we suggest packing an emergency kit that keeps you prepared for anything life tries to throw at you on this special day. Here we provide a list, broken down by category, of all the odds and ends you might for some odd reason need in an instant on your wedding day. And, if the sound of assembling one of these kits sounds like something you want, but the last thing you want to focus your energy on, then we suggest two things. If you have a planner, ask them if they come equipped with such a kit we bet they do. If you don't have a planner, these bridal emergency kits can be ordered from sites like Pinch Provisions or With You In Mind Inc. Emergency Kit

Apparel Emergencies

Sewing Kit Crochet Hook Safety Pins Batteries Lint Roller Scotch Guard Clear Nail Polish Hem Tape White Chalk - great at removing red wine stains Extra Earring Backs Stain Remover

Beauty Emergencies

Tweezers Nail Glue Eyelash Glue Blotting Papers Clear Nail Polish Lipstick Hair Spray Face Mist Krazy Glue Sunblock Bobby Pins Clear Hair Elastics

Hygiene Emergencies

Baby Powder Tampons Breath Mints Tissues Asprin Band-Aids Dentel Floss Snacks Deodorant Blister Balm Antacid