Choosing the perfect wedding dress is both an exciting task, and a daunting one - it's your one big day, with most (okay, mostly all) of the attention on you as the bride, and you want to look absolutely stunning. But with so many choices for style, color, store, cut, location, purchasing, and designing, it is no wonder that many brides become easily overwhelmed! Somehow, though, they all make it through the tulle and lace with a smile on their faces, looking beautiful all the while! Read on to see how they did it:
  • Even if you grew up dreaming of wearing a princess dress, be open minded and try on different styles - I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on a mermaid style dress (and ended up buying it) when all along I thought I wanted an all lace A line dress! - Sandy
  • Take your time. You are the one getting married, do what you want. I did not want to wear a veil, so I did not wear one. Some people tried to tell me I had to, but there are no rules that say you have to. Also, my dress was"last year's model" when I bought it. - Joy
  • My wife got her dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer. They have various styles, and the money you spend goes directly to charity. - Christian
  • Don't stress yourself out about diets too much. Instead, try fun activities to get in shape for the wedding. Hiking, swimming and some outdoor ab workouts/tanning was a super chill way for me to destress pre-wedding. Just keep in mind the type of tops you wear outside so you don't have unflattering tan lines. - Amelia
  • Drink fresh green juice or smoothies everyday to help yourself get that drop dead gorgeous glow! - Yu-Shan
  • I wanted to have the same style as my grandma. So I went with a tea length dress, with ballet flats. I loved it. It was comfortable but didn't weigh me down. - Crystal
First Row: Carlos Andres Varela Photography via Style Me Pretty | A Little Bite of Everything Second Row: Emilie Iggiotti via French Wedding Style | Michael Norwood Photography via Wedding Chicks Third Row: Wedding Dresses | Amy Nelson-Blain via The Bride's Cafe